Today’s Research Reports on Stocks to Watch Celldex Therapeutics and PDL BioPharma

Celldex Therapeutics’ stocks might be plummeting but Wall Street still remains adamant that the company’s stocks could rise significantly in value. The company’s kiln still has metal heating up, with clinical drug trials research still ongoing. Despite the huge expenses involved in the research, analysts insist that there is still time for the market to adjust and accommodate the potential of Celldex’s stock price. Everything remained quiet regarding PDL BioPharma, with the company having a rough time maintaining stability with the stock price, and meeting the average trade volume. Here’s a closer look at the company’s performance today.

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Celldex Therapeutics, Inc. 

PDL BioPharma Inc.

The therapeutic company’s shared dropped 2.96% today to close at $3.60. The dip however, comes amid speculations from Wall Street that the company’s stocks have the potential to double up by the end of the year. Companies involved in the speculation include Idera Pharmaceuticals, Opko Health and Celldex Therapeutics. Celldex is still recovering from the failed experimental procedures involving glioblastoma vaccine Rintega late last year.

The company is currently engaged in triple-negative Breast Cancer research, with Glembatumumab vedotin (glemba) slated to be the company’s first drug. There are still other clinical trials in the pipeline, with the probability of success deemed ‘’very likely’’. This is to say that once the trials are over, the company’s stocks might be the biggest beneficiary.

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PDL BioPharma’s stocks today dipped 1.37% to close at $2.16. The company today traded 2.4 million shares as compared to the 50 day average volume of 1.7mn shares. Pharmaceuticals remain NASDAQ’s riskiest sector, with the NASDAQ Composite Index more than doubling since 2011. Biotech companies rarely make money, and the ones that do more often than not have established brands that already enjoy commercial success. Clinical research and manufacturing costs tend to be higher than revenue, with investments helping to keep the companies afloat.

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