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Three Berkshire Hathaway Investments You Should Take a Closer Look At!

New York, New York – May 25th, 2016 – Berkshire Hathaway has averaged a 19.7% annual growth in book value to shareholders over the last 49 years, which is more than double the S&P 500’s return, including dividends, over the same period.
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Rennova Health and Versartis Have Different Reasons for Optimism

Rennova Health and Versartis have caught the attention of biotech investors for very different reasons. In a week where biotech stocks have not performed very well overall, these two companies have investors wondering what is going on behind the scenes. Recently, Versartis has appointed a new Chief Commercial Officer, while Rennova has made a significant move to bring financial stability to the company. read more

Today’s Research Reports on Stocks to Watch Pulmatrix and Aevi Genomic Medicine

The choice of technology a biotech company pursues can be critical to stock success and investor decision making. It is a general rule that the biotech sector is risky in part because it is a “winner take all” attitude for an individual company. Promise and potential do not always end up resulting in profit, and these two stocks are evidence of that logic. read more

The Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hikes Benefit Large Cap Banking Stocks

Bank of America and Citigroup are two major banking stocks likely positioned to take advantage of the Federal Reserve’s current and projected future interest rate hikes. With The Great Recession and corresponding bailouts far in the rear view mirror, banks are looking to increase their revenues through their credit card and loan portfolios. Other things to watch for in the banking industry is the trend to be keeping a close watch on the pay rates and bonus compensation being offered to top banking executives. read more

Apple and Microsoft Introduce New Product Lines

Apple and Microsoft, two of the world’s largest computer and software manufacturers, have revealed changes and additions to a main product line. Technology firms have learned that adaptation of business models is necessary in order to compete and survive in today’s global economy. Investors should take note that “follow the leader” is true even for the biggest corporations, regardless of market share. read more

Technology Companies Microvision and Pixelworks See Stock Prices Nudge Up

Microvision and Pixelworks are two companies that both focus on the mobile display markets, a key sector in the consumer and electronics markets. The demand for small form technologies continues to grow, and as Apple and other tablet companies have started to see their demand flatten, the hunt is on for ways to increase consumer interest. As with virtually all technologies, they are either made competitive by new features or by lowering prices to attract new buyers. read more

Omeros and Keryx are Potential Beneficiaries of New Administration Deregulation

The current word from market observers is that the biotech sector may have new life breathed into it by a Republican led Congress and the new administration. New reforms regarding the holding of significant cash reserves by major pharmaceutical companies may allow that cash back into the company’s coffers, opening the door for increased acquisition activity in the sector. Also, there may be possible new FDA regulations regarding the expedition in the approval process of new drugs, allowing more new drugs, and profits, into the market. read more