Three Berkshire Hathaway Investments You Should Take a Closer Look At!

New York, New York – May 25th, 2016 – Berkshire Hathaway has averaged a 19.7% annual growth in book value to shareholders over the last 49 years, which is more than double the S&P 500’s return, including dividends, over the same period.
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Chesapeake Energy and Encana Optimistically Prepare for 2017

Two oil and gas exploration companies still in the process of achieving a level of financial stability and growth, hope to see the rest of 2017 bring profits to investors. One of the companies received an unexpected buy rating from an investment firm, while the other saw regular quarterly improvement through 2016. read more

Cancer Genetics and Therapix Biosciences Get Financial Boost

The companies’ saw their stocks rise on Thursday based on the recent news that both will have a relatively stable financials to operate from. News of Therapix IPO was more successful than projected, while Cancer Genetics gave investors several reasons to cheer. Investors and owners in these companies may expect a better 2017. Therapix is conducting research on the use of cannabinoids as an alternative form of treatment for specific diseases and disorders. read more

Today’s Research Reports on Stocks to Watch GoPro and Snap

Both GoPro and Snap are popular technology companies that have had early successes. As time has moved on, they have run into serious long term competition from established competitors such as LG and Instagram respectively. There is where the problem is for investors, as the focus for both companies needs to be on their long term prospects, as neither is currently positioned to make significant short term headway. read more